Word Wipe Online

Word Wipe, Arkadium is a word-finding tool that will expand your vocabulary. It will also sharpen your mind. This word-finding puzzle is a fan favorite. At first, it is simple but then quickly takes on a feverish pace as you try and clear the lines of letters tiles from each board in a certain time. This online game is addictive, and can be played right from your web browser. You'll find many levels to keep you entertained no matter what you do.

Word Wipe Game

Word Wipe is an online game that challenges you to clean lines from the 20x20 grid. At first, only one line must be cleared in 120 seconds. As you progress through the levels, it becomes more difficult as you need to clear more lines with less time.

It is very easy to get started on this word puzzle. To begin Word Wipe, simply open a new web browser tab or window. Click on a beginning letter with the mouse. Slide your mouse over a letter to select it horizontally vertically or diagonally. You can then move on to the next letter. Drag your mouse along each letter to spell your word. You'll find more words by dropping down the tiles immediately above the word you've wiped out.

Arkadium, the developer of casual gaming games. If you own a Windows PC, you may be familiar with "Minesweeper," their most popular game. Arkadium is known for creating some of the best games in the universe and has received many awards for its great work environment.

Play Word Wipe

After the word-game loads, press "Start" to start. Words need to be at least 3 letters in length. As the tiles turn green from yellow to gold, valid words will emerge as you pick adjacent letters. When you release the mouse, the word will disappear. While each letter cannot be used more than once, you have the ability to move in any direction throughout the formation.


You control the majority of game play with your mouse. However, the letter grid has some information that you can access during gameplay. You can see the current level of your game, the points you earn for each word you make, your score at that level, as well as how much time remains. You can see how many bonus points you have as well as your progress towards meeting the set goals. Below the boxes are controls that allow for exit and pause/play of this word search. A button also allows you to control music volume and see an example how to form a phrase.


Step 1: Before you press "Start", you can view a portion the grid. Please take a moment and check whether you can find any words. This will make it much easier to go through each level.

Step 2: Click on the initial letter, drag your cursor, and you can begin to remove tiles. If you clear the lines of tiles, vertical lines and horizontal lines will disappear from the top. Clearing columns in middle of board will make the tiles slide together, making it possible to complete more words.

Step 3: Continue doing so until you achieve the set goal. If you don't meet the goal, submit words to earn bonus bombs.